I don't take the WORK out of workout but I do make it FUN.


Welcome to D. Julien Fitness and the beginning of possibly, A new you. Whether your goal is improved health and well-being, weight loss, or altered body composition, let D. Julien Fitness be your guide to reaching your ultimate fitness goal(s). You are never too old, too young nor is it ever too late for you to start enjoying the benefits of a regular fitness regime. A spin on a popular saying by goes, "You don't have to be fit to start working out but you have to start working out to be fit."

My goal, to make training sessions as exciting and as enjoyable as I possibly can while keeping you physically challenged, placing you just slightly outside the realm of your comfort zone.

I have access to safe and secure fitness facilities in and around New York City where you can be trained and requires no membership on your part. Don't like going to the gym? That's ok.  I can also coach you at home, at your work place or even outside at a local park should that arrangement be more convenient to you.

My training methodology includes a combination of body-weight and resistance training,  calisthenics and interval training.

So if you are truly interested in changing your life for the better through health and fitness Please feel free to contact me.

D. Julien Fitness

Your Partner In Health